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Trinidad Cuba

Internet access

Internet access you can perform from hotels, public halls navigation ETECSA (Telecommunications Company of Cuba S.A.), the JovenClub Computer and WiFi zones (public areas with wireless internet).

How to access the service?
You must purchase a card NAUTA ETECSA commercial network, they are valid for a period of 30 days from the first connection. With this card you will have your temporary account and to connect must access the website: http://portal.nauta.cu and insert the username and password that is on the card.

Portal Nauta
Tarjeta Nauta

Wifi zones
Located in public areas, at every point you can connect from 50 to 100 users simultaneously. If you want to know the existing Wi-Fi zones, you should check the official Etecsa page (the page is in Spanish language): http://www.etecsa.cu/internet_conectividad/areas_wifi/

If you want to know if your mobile phone will have service once you arrive to the island, check the following link where the countries and operators that have roaming agreements with ETECSA are listed. Check: http://www.etecsa.cu/telefonia_movil/roaming/

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